New Year’s resolutions come in many forms, but few are more important and perhaps surprising to some than filing for divorce. Nevertheless, January is the top month for filing for divorce. Many studies of the timing of divorce as well as other data support this fact – the most prevalent week of the year for the search topic “divorce” was January 6-13 in 2019, and Pinterest said queries for “divorce parties” went up 21% from December 2018 to January 2019.

Timing is a significant factor

There are several reasons why January is so popular:

  • Waiting until the holidays are over: This enables kids to have one more holiday season before the parents split. It also avoids difficult or awkward conversations with extended family and friends at holiday parties.
  • It takes time: It takes several weeks to sort out the details, file all the necessary paperwork and schedule a hearing.
  • Litigation takes longer: Some splits are acrimonious and drawn out as the two sides argue their case. Attorneys need time to prepare, and the courts are busy, so there is a real concern for some about getting it done in the calendar year.
  • January isn’t as busy: The holidays are often busy and stressful, so many wait for January so they can focus on the many details involved.
  • The holiday sheen is gone: Perhaps a spouse was on best behavior during the holidays, but things went back to normal in the new year.

Your new journey starts with a phone call

It is often best to discuss the matter with an attorney who handles divorce. Different lawyers have different approaches and specialties, so you may wish to speak with a few to determine the best fit before moving forward with this important next chapter in your life.